ME/CFS in the Department of Medicine

Managing your Health

General information and instructions for established patients is available for download.

For Emergencies or Urgent Health Concerns

Primary Care Physicians

It is important to have a primary care physician who can assist you with your medical needs and questions. If you do not have a Primary Care Physician, Dr. Montoya will not be able to serve as your Infectious Diseases consultant as he is not equipped to assist with your primary care or urgent needs.  Additionally, please make sure that your primary care physician handles claims for disability. 

If you would like more information regarding primary care providers at Stanford Hospital and Clinic, please visit the Stanford Internal Medicine website.  

Dr. Montoya’s CFS Research Team

Prescription Refills

Please be aware that Dr. Montoya will not communicate with patients via MyHealth. Patients are always encouraged to contact the Stanford infectious disease clinic directly for all inquiries.  The Stanford infectious diseases clinic phone number is (650) 736-5200. 


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